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June 15, 2015
New tool determines where nitrogen is most needed
There’s a new tool on the market for managing nitrogen loss.  There is a lot of that happening this season because of unusually wet weather in some areas.  University of Missouri plant science professor Peter Scharf has advice about adequate nutrients in the crop. Read Full Article

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April 09, 2015
Time Trials: New program to help with N decisions
Every spring since 1998, Peter Scharf has climbed into an airplane and ridden along as it buzzed through the Midwestern sky over corn fields. He uses the view from above to look for nitrogen loss in fields. “There was a lot of yellow corn that year (1998),” said Scharf, a University of Missouri plant sciences professor. Read Full Article

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June 11, 2015
New nitrogen tool – N Vision Ag
A new tool for managing nitrogen loss hit the market this week. Peter Scharf, a nutrient management professor at the University of Missouri, has developed a tool called “N Vision Ag” to help growers decide whether they need more nitrogen fertilizer, It uses aerial images. Read Full Article

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Mid-February 2016
New Days For Nitrogen
Growers use in-season applications to maintain high yields and manage costs. When Denny Friest started farming full-time in 1970, the rule of thumb for nitrogen (N) management was straightforward: Apply 1 to 1.5 pounds of N to produce a bushel of corn. Read Full Article


May 2017
In-Season Timing For N
New corn-fertilization research shows ways to fine-tune application timing so more nitrogen goes and stays where it needs to be—in the plant. Read Full Article